About Us

With new petrol and diesel vehicles set to be banned from 2030 in the UK, and more manufacturers announcing all new cars will soon be partially or completely battery powered, the future is electric, make no mistake.

Despite the fact that electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are charging ahead (excuse the pun); many drivers remain in the dark about government policies towards the adoption of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFV) and underestimate the benefits of them.

That is why we set up Discover EV. We want to help motorists understand the pros, cost savings and capabilities of every low emission vehicle on the market. We will provide the latest news, independent reviews, informative features and advice to help make motorists make an educated buying decision. We are passionate about living a greener life, and our aim is to be the authoritative voice on this rapidly-developing area of motoring and do everything we can to help everyone on the road to zero-emission transport.

If you have any feedback, we would be glad to hear it via the email addresses on the Contact Us page.

Louise Woodhams

Editor, Discover EV