Classic Mini future-proofed with electric power

Mar 13 2018 | by Louise Woodhams

Six decades after the iconic Mini first hit the streets, a British tech company has unveiled the first production electric classic Mini. The Swind E Classic Mini combines a fully-restored body and bespoke powertrain developed in-house by specialists Swindon Powertrain, who have provided engineering expertise to automotive and motorsports industries for over 40 years.

Produced in Wiltshire at the firm's recently-upgraded facility, the Swind E Classic Mini instils all the affection of the original retaining its iconic looks, but with state-of-the-art EV technology including a regenerative braking system. The bespoke 80Kw electric motor (which is mated to a single transmission) produces 110bhp, propelling it from zero to 62mph in 9.2 seconds, while top speed is capped at 80mph.

It has an impressive range of 125 miles and the battery can be fully charged in four hours via a Type 2 connector (fast charging is available). The Swind E Classic Mini tips the scales at 720kg, the battery pack increasing weight by 80kg but weight distribution has been improved so it’s now 57 per cent/43 per cent compared to 68 per cent/32 per cent of the original car.

Without a petrol tank the boot space has increased to 200 litres, while standard features include USB charging ports, underfloor heating, heated leather seats and front and rear windscreen – surely welcome additions for any classic Mini owner. Options include infotainment and sat-nav, power steering, a full-length sliding fabric roof, air conditioning, performance tuning packs and bespoke paint colours.

Available to order in either left- or right-hand-drive, the limited production run of 100 cars starts at £79,000 and comes with an unlimited mileage one-year warranty and MoT.

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