Demand drives used values for small electric cars

Mar 27 2018

According to experts at automotive data company cap hpi, demand for small used electric vehicles is soaring.

A combination of factors including the rollout of clean air zones, cheaper running costs, increased charging points, incentives to drive and wider availability from manufacturers has helped pique interest in EVs.

Some models – including the Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and Mitsubishi I-MIEV – are even rising in value, so in theory you could run them for 12 months and then make a profit when you sell them on.

Chris Plumb, electric vehicle expert at cap hpi, commented: “New sales of electric vehicles continue to gain market share and their popularity is building for buyers of used cars. Some of the smaller models make an attractive used buy with a low purchase price and running costs. Additionally, many towns and cities offer incentives for drivers of electric vehicles such as free charging points and parking.”

Nissan LEAF

First introduced into the market back in 2011 the LEAF has evolved through the years, with the latest model offering a published range of 168 miles and a new battery offering a range of over 200 miles on a single charge coming sometime this year. You can now pick up a used Nissan Leaf from around £7500 and above which offers good value for money for anyone looking to enter the world of electric vehicles.

Renault Zoe

With a similar range to the Nissan Leaf, the Zoe is seen as an alternative option, and you can pick up a battery leased vehicle much cheaper. However, the 100 per cent owned vehicles hold their price but tend to be very rare.

Mitsubishi I-MIEV

Mitsubishi I-MIEV offer value for money if you are looking to enter the world of EVs or looking for a cheap second car to run. With the manufacturers stating they can do around 92 miles on a charge they are ideal for short commutes, school run and shopping trips. These cars cost between £1.50 and £2.50 to charge, dependant on electricity rates, and there are some running cost savings to be had. If you can find one for sale prices start around the £5000 mark.

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