Customers at Westfield can rent an EV via an app thanks to UFODRIVE

EV rental is increasing in popularity and the UK’s first fully sustainable car hire firm is now expanding through a partnership with Westfield London. Customers will be able to hire an EV from a dedicated location via an app, meaning no interaction is required to get moving.

UFODRIVE already operates in eight countries across Europe and has existing rental locations in Oxford Street and Park Lane. Adding Westfield to its portfolio will open up its services to an even greater number of would-be EV drivers.

Customers will be able to choose from a fleet of EVs including the Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron and more. The service is more than just hiring EVs, though. Unlike most other car hire firms, UFODRIVE’s cars can be hired from Westfield without any person-to-person interaction. It’s one of the founding principles of the company – that the rental experience is as seamless as possible.

Aiden McClean, CEO and Co-Founder of UFODRIVE comments: “UFODRIVE is a radically better car rental experience that allows you to simply arrive and drive in less than two minutes on your smartphone, 100% electric, zero hassle.

“It was founded on the idea that modern rental should be simple, smart and enjoyable. Long queues, hidden fees and disappointing service are baked into the traditional rental experience – that’s why we created UFODRIVE with the wants and needs of our customer’s centre of mind, leveraging modern smart technologies to make clean, green eMobility accessible for all!”

Shoppers at Westfield simply need to use the UFODRIVE app to access their rental car, with full keyless technology meaning all they need to do is set up the rental and then go to the six EV bays at Westfield to pick up their ride. Hire starts at £64 per day and customers can rent a car for as many days as they want, utilising the on-site charging at Westfield during their rental period if they want to.

Whilst most customers will want to return the car to Westfield, UFO offers a pick-up service for an additional fee, making the hiring experience even more convenient.

According to Grace Charge, Head of Brand Experience at Westfield, the partnership with UFODRIVE and its convenient rental system fits perfectly: “We’re thrilled to provide a physical space and touch point in our Westfield London centre for UFODRIVE, the industry’s first fully sustainable car hire. We’re focused on identifying brand partners that allow us to transform and futureproof our portfolio and do good for the local communities we operate in.”

Whether it’s for local people who want an easy way of taking themselves and their shopping home in a sustainable way without using public transport, or someone who simply needs some wheels for the day, UFODRIVE’s spot at Westfield makes a lot of sense.

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