IONITY hooks up with Octopus Energy to provide new fast charging network

Driving an EV across Europe just got easier – and greener – thanks to the recent launch of a network of 350kW fast chargers across the continent. And thanks to a deal with Octopus Energy, the UK part of the network will be supplied with Electric Juice, energy derived from 100 per cent renewable sources.

Drivers of any make or model with a Combined Charging System (CCS) can benefit from the new pan-European network, the first station of which is located right here in the UK. Charging times of less than 20 minutes, and as little as eight for some models, will remove some of the perceived hassle of driving an EV over a long distance and normalise the use of electric cars to a greater audience of people.

Whilst the network currently consists of just one station with four chargers at Junction 8 of the M20 in Kent, IONITY – which is a joint venture between the big hitters of Daimler, Ford, BMW and VAG – has big plans to expand the provision rapidly. Across Europe, the aim is to have 2400 individual charging points across 400 stations by 2020. In the UK alone there will be 40 sites, across the motorway network, with up to six chargers at each with Milton Keynes and Gretna Green soon to follow Maidstone, which is a massive step forward in the infrastructure.

Michael Hajesch, CEO, IONITY, said: “We are delighted to be launching our network in the UK with our first station in Maidstone. As car manufacturers continue to launch electric vehicles with bigger batteries to provide a longer range, high power charging is an essential part of the e-mobility transition process thus making the e-journey a smooth and seamless experience. We are passionate about making e-mobility a reality, with drivers already taking advantage of our convenient stations across Europe.”

For that extra environmentally friendly touch, IONITY has gone one step further in the UK by partnering with Octopus Energy to ensure the power going into user's cars is from 100 per cent renewable sources. Using its Electric Juice service, which is specifically designed for EV charging, drivers can enjoy that smug, warm glow of knowing that the power in their car came from sources such as wind farms and solar arrays.

Zoisa Walton, Director, Octopus Energy for Business, said: “By improving the affordability, practicality, convenience and green credentials of e-mobility options, IONITY and Octopus Energy are making EV ownership more accessible. Both companies are intent on providing for the future, with forward-thinking plans and technology – pushing boundaries to deliver the fastest, cleanest, most affordable charging power on the market.”

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