Kia’s flagship EV9 SUV exterior and interior revealed

Kia has released images of its forthcoming EV9 SUV for the first time, just a month before its official launch. As the brand’s new flagship nears production, the brand is keen to show off its bold new styling which it sees as a big step forward.

There’s no mistaking the Kia EV9 for anything other than an all-new step for the Korean brand. It’s a complete departure from what has gone before, with even the bold – and attractive – Kia EV6 fading into the background when compared with the domineering new flagship.

Kia’s new design language is called ‘Opposites United’ which it says “harnesses the creative tension generated by the divergent values of nature and modernity”, believing that this delivers “a harmonious whole”. It reckons that with the EV9 – and presumably a new era of EVs – it has created a car with unprecedented visual appeal.

Of course, you could also accuse it of being an oversized, overweight, resource-heavy SUV with the kind of macho styling that is apparently en vogue in our current epoch, but that might be a cynical view.

Kia says lots of fluffy things about the EV9 in its press materials, but it is right in noting the simple, clear-cut lines and evolution of its ‘Digital Tiger Face’ which is the standard on its EVs. On the EV9, this ‘face’ incorporates a ‘Digital Pattern Lighting Grille’ framed by vertical headlights, reminiscent of those from the Cadillac Escalade of 20 years ago.

Like most other new cars, lighting seems to be central to the EV9’s appeal with ‘Star Map LED’ DRLs which will be common on future EVs from Kia. At the rear, slim vertical lights mirror the design of those at the front of the car.

Despite its size, Kia reckons the EV9 has “exceptional aerodynamic efficiency” which should help grab a few more miles from its E-GMP-based platform and as-yet undisclosed powertrain.

On the inside, both six and seven-seat formats will be offered and – as once again seems to be a thing at the moment – the brand reckons it offers “lounge-style” comfort. It’ll certainly have plenty of room thanks to its large wheelbase, with first and second-row occupants able to recline their seats, and the second row able to swivel their seats 180-degrees.

A floating panoramic dashboard integrates two 12.3 inch touchscreens plus a five inch segment display to aid interactions with the car’s various on-board systems. Buttons are kept to a minimum, which is either great or terrible depending which side of that particular fence you sit on.

Global premier coming up

We’ll know all of the juicy details for the Kia EV9 later this month, so look out for that story.


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