Lamborghini will move to hybrids before 2025 and full EVs by the end of the decade

When it comes to archetypal fuel-guzzling, over-the-top, mad Italian supercars, nobody does it better than Lamborghini. One of the few brands still clinging onto V12 motors will be going electric, with CEO Stephan Winklemann presenting its timeline on how the move to EVs will happen.

Spoiler alert: Lambo isn’t rushing things.  

Let’s be honest though, nobody really expected Lamborghini to suddenly ditch the V8, V10 and V12 petrol engines which have defined it over the years. Many a petrolhead would argue that the heart of a Lambo lies in the motor that powers it, with all the associated sensations and lack of reliability (in the pre-VW ownership days, anyway).  

In fact, Lamborghini will spend the next 18 months in its ‘celebrating the combustion engine’ phase which will be “characterised by the development of combustion engines for versions that pay homage to the brand’s glorious history and iconic products past and present”. Two new V12 models are on their way this year – funded largely by the success of the Urus ‘super’ SUV (eye roll).  

However, Lamborghini is pulling itself into the 21st century after 2022 with its ‘hybrid transition’ phase which will be completed by the end of 2024 with the whole range being electrified in one way or another. The first hybrid from the brand will be launched in 2023, with Lambo engineers working on how to minimise the weight impact of electrification on its cars. By 2025, the brand hopes to have cut CO2 emissions by 50 per cent, having sunk 1.5 billion euros into the project. 

Whether Lamborghini will be offering both standard hybrids and plug-in hybrids, or sticking with one of the powertrain types only, is yet to become clear. The former is lighter, but the latter will help Lambo drastically reduce its fleet CO2 emissions and offer more potential for high power outputs.  

Finally, in the second half of the decade, Lamborghini will launch its first fully electric supercar. Between 2025-2030, it will accelerate its investment and dedication to EVs, ensuring “remarkable performance and positioning the new product at the top of its segment”. Four fully electric models are in the roadmap.  

In addition to the cars, Lamborghini is looking at reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain, having already achieved CO2 neutral certification for its Sant’Agata Bolognese site back in 2015.  

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It’s not a big surprise that Lamborghini is undertaking it electrification programme slowly and giving its iconic V12 engines a last hurrah before putting them out to pasture. Arguably, it’s more difficult for Lamborghini to go electric and retain what many people consider to be its soul, whereas brands like Ferrari and Porsche have been laying the groundwork with hybrids in both their road cars, and – perhaps most importantly from a global brand point of view – their racing cars.  

In Lambo’s case it’s better not to lament the slow pace of its electric transformation, but celebrate that it’s happening at all.  

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