First details of the new DS 4 have been revealed, including an E-TENSE plug-in option

The new DS 4 is set to bring the next generation of platform, technology and powertrains to DS's model line-up. It follows in the footsteps of the new Citroën C4, which brought an all-new pure electric option; however, DS is so far opting for plug-in hybrid power.

Due later in 2021, the new DS 4 looks set to carry on the tradition of packing more tech and luxury features into Citroën's model range. So far, details of the car's external design are fleeting, though we would expect it to look broadly similar to a Citroën C4. In lieu of that information, DS is giving us a run-down of some of the major technology and platform advancements we can look forward to with the car – and there's plenty of it.

New architecture

The DS 4 is based on Citroën's all-new EMP2 platform, which has been designed to cater for multiple powertrain options, including PHEVs. It offers dynamic improvements over the outgoing car thanks to fully redesigned suspension and steering, as well as better crash protection and flexibility to create interior space.

It's lighter, too, thanks to major components being made of composites, hot-pressed structural parts and the downsizing of components such as the air conditioning unit. DS boasts of the 'dynamic serenity' afforded by the new platform, though we'll have to try it before deciding whether that's marketing speak or not.

E-TENSE PHEV powertrain

The new DS 4 will bring a plug-in option to market, offering “more than 30 miles” on battery power alone. Just looking at the stats DS provided, it appears that it'll be the same E-TENSE 225 powertrain as can be found in the DS 7 Crossback. This means a 179bhp, 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine combined with a 108bhp electric motor, giving a total system power of 222bhp with 265.5lb-ft of torque.

On the battery side of things, again, our assumption is that it'll be the 13.2kWh lithium-ion unit as found in other E-TENSE powertrains which charges in as little as two hours using a 6.6kW charger. DS says that the drivetrain will not impact on space.

Connectivity and in-car technology

DS is promising a new and very high level of technology on the DS 4. To help keep drivers' eyes on the road, it has a new head up display featuring augmented reality showing driving details such as speed, navigation, warning messages and other important information. According to DS, this level of technology is a first in the C segment.

Inside the cabin, DS has worked hard on a new infotainment system. Called the DS IRIS SYSTEM, it is based around smartphone technology from a usability perspective. Furthermore, depending on who is using the car, personalised profiles can be created to load automatically when a driver enters the car, ensuring it's configured to their preferences. Voice control, as well as gesture and handwriting inputs via the new eight-inch touchscreen, will be available.

New driving features

Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology is integrated through DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0. It uses sensors at each corner of the car and a camera above the windscreen to provide lane assistance, semi-autonomous overtakes, automatic slowing and speeding up, as well as road sign recognition. Another feature enabled by the camera is ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, whereby the road ahead is scanned and suspension pre-loaded to help improve ride comfort.

Night vision is another technology which will set the DS 4 apart. Using an infrared camera, it can spot pedestrians and animals up to 200 metres ahead at night and in poor driving conditions. This information is displayed via the new digital dashboard alongside warning messages where required. Where night vision isn't required, dynamic matrix headlights bring beam-bending and cornering lighting to the mix.

We look forward to getting a glimpse of the DS 4 and will bring you further news once we have it.

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