Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer gains two electrified powertrains for the first time

Just a few months since Vauxhall officially launched the new Astra, the British brand has revealed the Sports Tourer version of its C-segment challenger. From launch, the load-lugging version of the Astra will be available with PHEV power – just like the hatchback version of the car.

Vauxhall’s Astra Sports Tourer completes the line-up of the Astra range, adding more space and practicality to the range. As with the hatch, the new Astra Tourer gets Vauxhall’s attractive new design features inside and out, and for the first time it also gains plug-in power in the form of Stellantis’s standard PHEV powertrain options.


Vauxhall is yet to confirm the exact specifications of the plug-in hybrid powertrains that will make their way into the Astra Sports Tourer, but with up to a combined 221bhp, it’s a rock solid bet that they will be the same as can be found in the hatch.

This means that the Astra Sports Tourer PHEV will be available with either a 178bhp option, or the aforementioned 221bhp powertrain. These combine a 1.6-litre turbocharged, four-cylinder petrol engine with a 108bhp electric motor, the only significant difference being the electronic management which limits the headline power figures. A 12.4kWh battery (again, yet to be confirmed for the Sport Tourer, but a fair bet) provides up to 35 miles of range in the hatch, so we’d knock a couple of miles off of this for the Tourer.

Performance will be strong in both cars, aided by a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox within which the electric motor is located. For reference, the hatch in 178bhp form hits 62mph in 7.9 seconds, and the 221bhp version knocks two tenths off this figure. Both will crack 140mph. We will, however, confirm these details as soon as we know.

Design and practicality

Vauxhall has carried over the distinctive ‘Vauxhall Vizor’ front end which constitutes a single, clean panel behind which is the brand logo and various driver aid sensors – as well as the distinctive LED headlamps. The rear end is reminiscent of the hatch, albeit with a more vertical tailgate.

The big selling point of the Sport Tourer is the additional space. The car stands at 4642mm long – almost 300mm longer than the hatch – the same 1860mm wide and 1480mm tall. Interior space is aided by the 2732mm wheelbase (57mm longer than the hatch), yet a shorter front overhang means the car is 60mm shorter overall than the last generation car.

Luggage space in the PHEV is 548 litres with the seats in place and 1574 litres with the split rear bench folded flat, both dimensions being slightly less than the non-PHEV variants.

Other interior highlights include the Pure Panel ‘human-machine-interface’ which combines a 10 inch digital instrument cluster with a 10 inch central touchscreen. An array of tech and connectivity comes as standard including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Physical switches for things like climate control are retained, helping to make the Astra an easy car to live with.

Price and availability

We’ve no word on UK prices and specs just yet, but with the car going on sale early next year and deliveries set to begin in the summer, we expect to have them soon.


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