Polestar 6 two-door roadster will offer over 800bhp and 370 miles of range

Polestar has confirmed that it will be putting its electric roadster concept into production as the Polestar 6. Expected to launch in 2026, it will have a very alluring blend of power, range, Polestar’s clean design language and the brand’s latest operating system technology.

Based on the O2 concept revealed at the LA Motor Show in March this year, the Polestar 6 is one of the few electric roadsters on the horizon which aren’t from shaky start-ups. Sporting a 2+2 layout, metal folding roof and an aerospace-influenced design, it is an exciting prospect – bringing true roadster performance to the EV world.

Powertrain and performance

There is no shortage of ultra-powerful electric hypercars to lose millions of pounds on if buyers are so inclined, but there are few – if any – electric supercars out there. By that, we mean cars with sub-1000bhp and a comparatively accessible price tag.

The Polestar 6, however, fits into this category, but don’t go thinking it is somehow lacking in power compared to equivalent petrol or hybrid supercars. Polestar’s target specifications are for a dual motor powertrain with 872bhp and 664lb-ft of torque delivering 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. In other words, supercar performance figures.

A battery of yet-to-be-determined size will enable the 6 to travel up to 370 miles on a charge which, by today’s standards, is very good indeed. By the launch date of 2026 we suspect that’ll be more common, but for the power on offer it’s still a big figure.

Exterior design

Aerospace is the big influence on the exterior of the Polestar 6 – both aesthetically and aerodynamically. It’s a design language which will be carried forward in other Polestar cars, too, and has been seen on the Precept concept among others.

The basic principles avoid overt wings and spoilers, preferring integrated aero ducts in the wheel arches and rear lights which double as air blades. A rear diffuser which looks like a design feature rather than a piece of aero helps with this illusion. Up front, ‘Thor’s hammer’ headlights sit above a wide lower air intake and splitter.

The roof design is surely the party piece, however. A hard-top convertible, it has a panoramic glass roof which should offer an airy feeling when up as well as the benefits of a convertible when stowed. Underpinning all of this is a bespoke, bonded unibody aluminium platform which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Another benefit is that aluminium can be recycled, helping Polestar to meet its environmental aspirations.

Interior design and tech

The 6 will use some of the innovations first seen on the Precept, so we can expect digital integrations based on Google technology, facilitated through a 15 inch digital interface and a nine inch driver’s display. All of this will be backed up with over-the-air updates. Contextualised infotainment will be a feature of the Polestar 6, which means it reacts and adapts to the driver’s movement and habits.

Materials will be sustainable, comprising of woven flax panels, 3D knit upholstery and other sustainable materials – all paired with carefully curated colour combinations. Going by the renders, the interior looks to be more of what we already know from Polestar; functional minimalism and premium quality.

Price and availability

Polestar’s aim is to sell the 6 from £160,000 when it arrives in 2026. The first 500 cars will be named ‘Polestar 6 LA Concept editions’ and will have unique sky blue paint, light interior and 21 inch wheels. Polestar is taking reservations now.


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