Supplying renewable energy to transportation businesses at lower prices

Green energy supplier, Octopus Energy for Business, and electric car specialists Octopus Electric Vehicles have created ‘Electric Juice’, the UK’s first green power supply service designed to help the electric transport sector with variable consumption access the best electricity prices.

While helping innovative companies who are providing much needed UK EV charging infrastructure and electric transportation access lower electricity costs, the service also enables drivers of EVs to ensure the transportation they are using is fuelled by 100 per cent renewable electricity.

After consulting with more than 20 innovative EV charge point companies during 2018, Octopus Energy Business identified with some of the common frustrations experienced in securing flexible, green electricity. To that end, it combined its knowledge and dynamic tariffs, including Octopus Agile (the UK’s first domestic time-of-use tariff), and their expertise with electric transport through their Octopus Electric Vehicles arm to create Electric Juice.

Electric Juice sees Octopus Energy Business offer growing charge point operators and data-led analysis for electric transport companies, plus four specially designed tariffs that can be utilised as networks grow in number of sites and in their consumption of energy. Shorter and more flexible contracting terms are also available to provide customers the ability to move between the four tariffs and access the best value.


The service will be tailored to suit business needs from start-up through rapid growth to long-lasting value. It includes a recommended metering strategy where required, plus dynamic tariffs designed to unlock the best savings for specific usage profiles. A six-monthly review will take place to ensure the businesses are on the right tariff structure, while offering the transparent model Octopus Energy is built on with pricing.

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31/03/2022 09:48

Great article!

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