Rightcharge will compare energy price, charger and charger installation options in one location

Whilst there is no shortage of price comparison sites out there, as a new entrant to the market, Rightcharge is a dedicated resource for those who have, or are looking to buy, an EV. Founded by Charlie Cook, formerly of Octopus Energy, it could be the one-stop shop EV owners have been looking for.

We may spend our days looking into and researching everything to do with EVs. We are EV owners ourselves, but when it comes to finding the best energy tariff and charger for our domestic charging requirements, we will admit that things can get confusing. But consider the same problem for the average time-poor consumer who doesn't have the desire to spend hours going through the options.

This is where newly-launched Rightcharge comes in.

For the ever-increasing number of EV owners in the UK, Rightcharge is the first dedicated comparison site which takes into account energy tariff, home charging and installation. This means that it's possible to get an up-front cost for everything a new EV buyer requires to start charging at home. Furthermore, whilst the website isn't unique in enabling EV tariff comparison, it does take a customer's car and driving habits into account to provide a more accurate estimated annual cost.

“The explosion of EV ownership means there is more choice than ever – of cars, chargers and energy tariffs. However, without easy to compare information, drivers are still in the dark about what options work best for them to get the best deal,” said Charlie Cook, Founder and CEO of Rightcharge. “10 million people will switch to an electric car in the next 10 years. With the right advice, drivers can collectively save over £10 billion on home charging energy bills in the next decade.”

That money saving aspect of the site is where Rightcharge reckons it can steal the advantage. On charger installation alone the site is able to directly compare over 30 of the UK's top companies – all of which are government-approved and constantly monitored through customer feedback. Customers stand to save up to £110 in Rightcharge's experience.

On the tariff side of things, as little as 20 per cent of EV owners currently take advantage of smart home charging with the average EV owner overpaying by £233.19 per year – or much more as mileage increases. Getting a smart charger and associated tariff sorted from the off could therefore save EV owners significant sums of money. And that's on top of the average of £670.25 that car drivers can save on fuel by simply switching to an EV.

Whilst Rightcharge might be a new entrant into the EV sphere, it is founded on a solid and experienced background. Founder, Charlie Cook, worked at Octopus from 2017 and helped manage the installation of some of the first V2G chargers in the UK as well as creating new energy tariffs for EV drivers.

Discover EV's take

We've tried out Rightcharge from both an energy tariff and charger perspective and it really is quick and intuitive to use. We'd reckon on even the most technophobic EV owners being able to undertake a comparison without any guidance.

The charger comparison site presents everything in a really simple-to-understand way, highlighting the benefits such as smart charging, solar charging and app integration. An indicative 'from' price is displayed, though you do have to fill out a generic form to get a personalised quote. The tariff comparison is similarly easy to use. It presents an indicative price for the energy you'd use for your car and mileage, as well as home use. Ratings, the source of power – i.e. whether green or not – contract length, fees and requirements (e.g. smart meter) are shown, too.

We welcome any new entrant into the market which makes the buying and running of an EV easier – especially for those who are new to ownership. We'd certainly recommend you give Rightcharge a go.


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