VW ID.4 GTX is the first of a new line of pure electric performance models

Ask people to name a sporty version of a Volkswagen and they’re more than likely to default to the Golf GTI. The GTI brand has been used for performance petrol models ever since, followed by GTD for diesels and GTE for PHEVs. Now, the new GTX line brings Volkswagen performance to EVs.  

Rather than release a GTX version of the more Golf-like ID.3 (albeit we are expecting an R-version of the ID.3 at some point), VW is riding the SUV wave and has gone in with a sporty version of the ID.4 as its flagship performance EV. It gains more power from its dual motor, all-wheel drive setup as well as more dynamic handling thanks to intelligent torque vectoring and new suspension options. A few styling tweaks complete the package. 

Powertrain and performance 

VW has endowed the ID.4 GTX with 295bhp thanks to a more potent dual motor setup, with 201bhp at the rear, and the rest made up by the front axle. To put the power figure into perspective, it isn’t too far short of R-branded models. The turn of speed is similarly R-like, with the ID.4 GTX capable of hitting 62mph in 6.2 seconds, which is over two seconds quicker than the current Pro Performance spec cars. Top speed is still limited to 112mph. 

Unsurprisingly, the GTX gets the larger battery from the ID.4 range which, at 77kWh, enables the GTX to travel 298 miles on a single charge. In terms of charging, the ID.4 GTX gets the same 125kW DC maximum input which adds 199 miles in 30 minutes.  

To enhance the dynamics of the ID.4, VW is offering an optional Sports pack, which knocks 15mm off the car’s ride height as well as sharpening up the steering. It’s also possible to spec a Sports Plus pack which brings the car into line with R-branded models by adding DCC adaptive chassis control. Torque vectoring also helps increase the ID.4’s dynamic capabilities. In regular driving, it defaults to using the rear motor alone, but when pressing on, it adds the front motor into the mix.  

Styling tweaks 

Volkswagen has made some styling changes to differentiate the ID.4 GTX from regular models in the same way that GTI, GTD and GTE models have been over the years. Lights are central to this, with the front light strip getting three honeycomb elements to form the daytime running lights – a feature that draws parallels to the current Golf GTI. Rear lights are now 3D LEDs, with brake lights that form an ‘X’.  

The bumpers have been altered to include high-gloss black grilles; the top half of the car has black features from the A-pillars back, including a black roof and rear spoiler. A rear diffuser adds to the performance look and feel of the car, as do GTX logos.  

Inside, there is a new colour scheme. The upper section of the dashboard and leatherette inserts in the doors are a dark shade of ‘X-Blue’, with contrasting red seams on the stitching and seats adding a level of dynamism to proceedings. In terms of technology and equipment, the ID.4 GTX will get trim levels similar to that of the standard car.  

Price and availability 

Update 12.07.21: Volkswagen has confirmed the UK prices for the ID.4 GTX. Two variants will be available, both gaining the same 295bhp powertrain, albeit with slightly different ranges thanks to differing levels of electronic features. The GTX will cost from £48,510 on the road and has a WLTP range of 301 miles. The top-spec GTX Max will cost from £55,540 and has a WLTP range of 291 miles. Both are on sale now.  

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