VW has revised the ID.3 and ID.4 model line-ups for 2022

Volkswagen has overhauled the pricing structures and levels of kit available for both the ID.3 and ID.4. Two more ID.3 variants now slip in under the £35k mark to qualify for the plug-in car grant, whilst some of the pre-set equipment options have been opened up as tick-box add-ons for more of the range.

A total of seven ID-branded models now qualify for the £2500 plug-in car grant thanks to this reshuffle of specification levels and pricing for the model year 2022 cars.

Six of these lie within the ID.3 range with the two newcomers being the ID.3 Family Pro and Family Pro Performance costing £31,140 and £32,460 respectively once the PiCG is added. The Family Pro is equipped with the 58kWh battery and 143bhp motor offering a range of 262 miles, whilst the Family Pro Performance gets the same battery and range, but a more potent 201bhp motor.

Of the ID.4 range, the ‘Life Pure’ spec car remains the solitary version that qualifies for the PiCG.

Back with the ID.3 and VW has done away with the recently introduced ‘City’ name and replaced it with ‘Life’, as well as discontinuing the Business and Tech equipment levels. Elsewhere in the range, the highly-equipped Max and range-topping Tour have been reduced in price by £3800 each.

For reference, we’ve listed the models and prices at the bottom of the page.

Offering a bit more flexibility to customers when ordering, VW has made it possible to spec equipment like the augmented reality head-up display on any trim level where previously it was only available on the Max or Tour cars. The fundamental (and simple) basis on which the ID.3’s specs have been created – based on pre-set packs of standard equipment – remains; customers now simply have the flexibility to add additional packs to more of the range.

The same improved flexibility goes for the ID.4, which has a range of revised packages now available across the specifications of car. Check out the configurator to get a full flavour.

VW ID.3 MY 2022 range

All prices exclude PiCG, with all models below £35,000 qualifying for the £2500 discount.

  • Life Pure Performance (45kWh, 148bhp, 216 miles): £29,260
  • Style Pure Performance (45kWh, 148bhp, 214 miles): £33,720
  • Life Pro (58kWh, 143bhp, 264 miles):  £30,920
  • Family Pro (58kWh, 143hbp, 262 miles):  £33,640
  • Life Pro Performance (58kWh, 201bhp, 264 miles): £32,240
  • Family Pro Performance (58kWh, 201bhp, 262 miles): £34,960
  • Max Pro Performance (58kWh, 201bhp, 258 miles): £37,730
  • Tour Pro S (77kWh, 201bhp, 340 miles): £38,800


Price of 77kWh VW ID.4 lowered 

Update 27.01.22: Volkswagen has introduced new variants of the ID.4, reducing the cost of the larger 77kWh battery. The ID.4 Life Pro will come with the rear wheel drive, 172bhp powertrain and the aforementioned larger battery offering a range of up to 318 miles. It will cost from £41,430 and sits between the 52kWh Pure Performance and 77kWh Pro Performance models.  

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