All-new Hyundai KONA Electric brings new design, tech and efficiency

Hyundai has launched an all-new Kona Electric, replacing the first generation car which has been on sale since 2017. Building on that car’s class-leading efficiency and high levels of standard equipment, the all-new car is larger, has more kit, and will go further on a charge.

The Hyundai KONA Electric is, in our own words, one of the best all-round EVs on the market. However, it has been around for a while now, and despite a revamp in 2020, other EVs are now eclipsing it especially when it comes to tech. This is where the all-new Hyundai KONA Electric comes in.


The all-new Hyundai KONA Electric is going to be offered with two battery sizes, each of which has its own power levels on offer. A standard range battery of 48.4kWh comes with 154bhp and 188lb-ft of torque. We expect the long range 65.4kW battery to be the big seller, however, which gets 215bhp and the same 188lb-ft. In this guise, it is capable of over 300 miles to a charge. Charging speeds haven’t been released yet.

For the first time, the KONA Electric will get vehicle to load (V2L) capability, capable of a power output of 3.13kVA with two port locations – one in the rear centre console and one beside the exterior charging port.

Exterior design

Billed as a B-segment SUV, the KONA Electric has grown in size and we’d argue it’s closer to the C-segment these days, measuring 4355mm long (+175mm) and 1825mm wide (+25mm). N-line cars are even longer at 4385mm, whilst all versions have the same 2660mm wheelbase (+60mm).

The refreshed exterior design is comprehensive and brings the KONA Electric up-to-date and in-line with Hyundai’s latest design language, which Hyundai bills as being ‘EV-centric’. Chunky, squared off wheel arches give an air of ruggedness, whilst the smooth nose, parametric surfaces and ‘Pixelated seamless horizon lamp’ up front really modernise the car’s look. A belt line rises from the front of the car to the rear spoiler which has an integrated high-mounted stop light. N Line versions have more aggressive exterior trim, including black features such as mirrors and the roof.

Aerodynamics has not been sacrificed, and the KONA Electric has a drag coefficient of 0.27.

Interior design and tech

Thanks to its larger dimensions, the new Hyundai KONA  Electric has more interior space than its predecessor. As is the fashion, Hyundai calls this a ‘living space’, and thanks to the 2660mm wheelbase, rear seat passengers have 925mm of legroom. Boot space sits at 466 litres with the seats in place, whilst a frunk offers 27 litres of storage.

Up-front, the KONA Electric is ‘driver-centric’, accentuated by a floating horizontal C-pad with integrated 12.3 inch panoramic display screens. The gear shifter has been relocated from the centre console to behind the steering wheel, offering more room and storage space. Other driver controls have also been relocated to the steering wheel, again to increase the feeling of space.

An optional head-up display offers driving information via a 12 inch projection on the windscreen, whilst a new i-PEDAL system offers one-pedal driving with smart regenerative braking based on the movement of traffic in front of the KONA. Aiding the driving experience is augmented sound via an ‘e-ASD’ system, which adds sound based on acceleration, braking and driving speed. Happily, the volume of this can be altered.

Over-the-air updates come as standard, whilst usability is aided by ‘Digital Key 2 Touch’ which uses NFC on smartphones or smartwatches to act as a key. The new KONA Electric is also the first Hyundai to get Connected Car Navigation Cockpit which utilises the various displays to provide a better navigation experience. Finally, four USB-C chargers (two front and two rear) provide power for charging devices which can be connected to the car, whilst an optional Bose sound system can be specified.

Numerous driver aids make up the ADAS on the new KONA Electric. These include driver status monitoring (to check for attention and drowsiness), remote smart parking assist, blind spot monitoring, forward collision avoidance 2.0, highway driving assist, lane keep assist… and much more.

Price and availability

Hyundai hasn’t hinted at prices or given an on-sale date for the all-new KONA Electric just yet, but we will update you when we know.


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