2022 Hummer EV is launched with up to 350 miles of range and 1000bhp

Hummer has been brought back to life, but this time it's electric. After a very long build-up, the Hummer EV has finally been given an official unveiling by GM which is branding it a “first-of-its kind supertruck” destined to “forge new paths with zero emissions”. 

We wouldn't necessarily say “forge” new paths rather batter them permanently into the landscape, because as you'd expect given its lineage, the Hummer EV is big in every sense of the word. It's also the first fully electric vehicle to enter GMC's line-up and brings with it the brand's new generation of powertrain and propulsion systems.

There is a caveat in that there are no plans to bring it to Europe on an official basis. But if we're being totally honest, like all trucks out of the USA, it would make zero sense anyway. Nobody needs a 5.5 metre long, 2.2 metre wide truck with 35 inch tyres to drive to Asda, regardless of its local emissions or lack thereof...


Ok, so let's get on with the specs of the Edition 1 – the launch version.

Motivating the Hummer EV are three separate motors located within two Ultium drive units delivering a total of 1000 horsepower and a “GM-estimated” 11,500lb-ft of torque, which is sent to all four corners via fully torque vectoring e4WD. On that 11,500lb-ft number, this is a bit of a fiddle as it's the figure generated once the final drive ratio is taken into account.

Whatever, that's still a silly amount of oomph, and it'll propel what must be a near-three tonne truck to 60mph in three seconds flat.

Storing the power for all of this muscle is the latest generation of GM's Ultium batteries, albeit of undisclosed capacity at this point in time, though our guess is around 120kWh. The Hummer EV will join the Porsche Taycan in bringing 800 volt electronics to the road, enabling DC charging to be delivered at up to 350kW – or the equivalent of 100 miles per 10 minutes. The estimated range in this guise is over 350 miles.

Down the line, the Hummer EV will be available in lower states of tune thanks to the removal of one of the motors. Even so, with 800 and 625 horsepower versions promising over 250 miles of range, it's not like the Hummer will ever feel 'lowly'.

Off-road capability

If you want a laugh, we heartily recommend reading the Hummer EV website to see how marketing language is used on the other side of the pond when talking about off-road capabilities. Subtle it is not, but then again nor is the Hummer, and nor are its abilities on the rough stuff – which will be prodigious.

Four wheel steering enables a new 'CrabWalk' feature, literally enabling the Hummer to travel diagonally at low speeds. There's 302mm of ground clearance, an armoured underbody and adaptive air suspension with 'Extract Mode', lifting the car an additional 149mm to navigate the worst terrain or water. Speaking of water, the 35 inch standard tyres (with space for 37s) allow it to scale 18 inch verticals and wade through over two feet of water.

For those really sticky situations, UltraVision underbody cameras act as a 'virtual spotter', enabling the driver to see which rock is about to puncture the battery and cause a fire. Or avoid it. Up to 18 different camera views are available around the car, reducing the otherwise numerous blind spots and likelihood of mowing down children who are less than three feet tall without first noticing.

In other numbers, the Hummer EV has a maximum approach angle of 44.3 degrees and a departure angle of 33.7 degrees. There's also 330mm of suspension travel both front and rear.

Other kit

The Edition 1 won't go wanting in the interior department with a full array of bang up-to-date technology and driving aids. This is controlled from a central 13.4-inch infotainment screen and backed up by a 12.3-inch driver information display centre. Super Cruise enables hands-off driving on the highway, basically equalling level 3 autonomy. A 14 speaker BOSE audio system with 'electric vehicle sound enhancement' deals with the in-car entertainment, whilst the interior materials are durable and built for all-weather conditions.

The reason behind the all-weather interior is the standard removable transparent sky panels, which when in place provide an infinity roof. The panels can be stored in the frunk when removed, whilst the rear window has power drop glass, giving that full open-air driving experience.

Price and availability

If you're in the USA and want a Hummer EV Edition 1, it'll cost $112,595. It can be reserved now with the first cars hitting the road next year. Subsequent, lower power models will start at $79,996 from 2024.


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