GMC is reinventing the Hummer as an EV – and it's not going to be subtle

Derived from the iconic 1980s military-spec Humvee, the Hummer has been a car for unabashed show-offs. And Americans. However, the next-generation of the road-going behemoth is going to be an EV rather than a gas-guzzling monster, but don't for one second think that it's lost any of its outrageousness.  

In the UK the Hummer never made sense. In original military spin-off H1 guise it's damn-near seven feet wide and barely cracks double-digit miles to the gallon. It's not even very powerful, thanks to an agricultural V8 diesel which may or may not come with a turbocharger depending on the spec.

The H2 was little better and still required both its own post code and petrol station to be a viable proposition. Significant amounts of chrome certainly didn't help matters, either. The smaller, more 'sensible' H3 was still ridiculous, and despite being far more car-like than previous iterations, buyers were compromising in every dynamic and visual department simply so they could own a Hummer.

And that ought to raise a lot of questions about their innate character.

Despite all of this there is still an appetite for massive SUVs, especially in the USA where the traditional coal-rollers and gas-guzzlers are gradually coming round to the idea of electrification (our six best electric pickups is very much US-focussed). GMC knows this, and is reinventing the Hummer to suit.

What do we know about the GMC Hummer EV?

If the world hadn't gone to pot in the last six months we'd already know what the new Hummer EV looked like as well as far more of the technical details. But as it is, GMC is drip-feeding information prior to the big reveal in autumn (or 'fall') this year. The brand has donned it “A quiet revolution. All-electric. Zero emissions. No limits.”

An initial teaser video (see below) featuring LeBron James was released back in February. It didn't tell us a much, but there was enough to pique the interest of even the most EV-sceptic SUV owner thanks to the promise of 1000bhp, 11,500lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 time of three seconds. An ending shot of the front end silhouette also teased the styling which is instantly recognisable as pure Hummer.


Since then, GMC has added to its initial teaser video (below), showing more of the styling with shots of a clay model and body in white being worked on. And again, what we're shown demonstrates obvious lineage from previous-generation Hummers.

Other features are also teased such as an 'Infinity Roof' – which, judging by a top-down action, shot is a removable roof panel. Text also states there will be an 'Adrenaline mode', which is likely how that 0-60 time is accessed, and a 'Crab mode' which we assume is a take on four-wheel steering.

Ultium batteries are GM's next-generation lithium-ion units and will be available from 50 to 200kWh, as well as 400 and 800 volts. Whilst we don't know what the Hummer EV will get, expect it to be on the higher end of both of those numbers, especially as we're promised super-fast charging. 'Next-generation super cruise' is most likely a semi-autonomous cruise control feature and 'Ultra-vision cameras' almost certainly pertain to night vision. Have a look at the newest teaser for yourself...


When can you buy one?

As stated above, the big reveal is going to be in the autumn of this year; however production won't start for another 12 months. By that time Hummer rivals, such as those from Bollinger, Tesla and Rivian will either be on the road or very soon to be, so GMC will have its work cut out to compete. Over here in the UK at least, if you want a Hummer EV, the chances are you're going to have to import it as GMC pulled out of Europe two years ago.

There's also the question of the point of all this. Hummers have always been wantonly wasteful and the Hummer EV will be no different. It's irrelevant that the thing's an EV; all that means is that the wastefulness isn't quite as polluting as it would otherwise be. Given that the über SUVs – even in EV guise – are a deeply unintelligent way getting about for the vast majority of people, not to mention no good for building a genuinely greener future, perhaps it's best that they remain overseas.

All that said, if the demand is there, car makers are going to cater for it. At least the Hummer EV won't be chewing through a gallon of fuel for ever ten miles driven!

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