MINI will only launch EVs from 2025, though ICE will remain in production

The MINI Electric is one of our favourite electric superminis available right now. It retains all the joy of the petrol version, but with the immediacy of a pokey electric powertrain and that sweet feeling of zero local emissions.

BMW – MINI’s owner – has now confirmed that from 2025 onwards MINI will no longer launch cars with internal combustion engines, offering its range with electric powertrains only.

However, it won’t stop producing ICE-powered MINIs until the early 2030s. This suggests that it will release at least one more model refresh in the next couple of years and continue to produce that with internal combustion power until the following model update. It also means that the forthcoming Countryman replacement can be sold with a petrol option in its ‘Mk1’ form.

MINI will retain its global footprint with new models being built by Great Wall in China from 2023 onwards. Back in Europe, MINI’s next crossover – the successor to the Countryman – will be built at the Leipzig plant from 2023 in both EV and ICE form.

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