Entry-level Volkswagen ID.3 Life Pro is most affordable model in the range

The Volkswagen ID.3 Pro is available to order now, bringing the electric hatchback’s entry price to £28,670, whilst maintaining the 260+ mile range of its more expensive counterparts.

Sub-£30k, family-friendly (C segment) EVs are still relatively uncommon – especially when they have a premium European manufacturer badge attached to them. Volkswagen’s addition of the new ID.3 Life Pro model to the range is therefore significant news.

Bringing the brand’s most important electric car into line with the cost of a well-specified Golf will undoubtedly attract more people to EV ownership, especially when total cost of ownership is taken into account. It’ll also attract business and fleet buyers in droves.

In terms of specification, the new entry-level ID.3 Life Pro doesn’t compromise with standard kit. It gets exactly the same equipment as the previous entry level Life Pro Performance. This means LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, Car2X functionality, voice control, front and rear parking sensors and 18 inch alloys. Inside, there’s a 10 inch touchscreen with navigation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, plus climate control, keyless start and driver profile setup and selection.

You’re probably wondering where the compromise is, and so long as you’re okay with the lower power 143bhp motor, there isn’t one. It still has almost 200lb-ft of torque delivered to the rear wheels and a 0-62mph time of 9.6 seconds, so it’s not exactly a slouch.

The battery has a 58kWh (net) capacity which is good for 263 miles on the WLTP assessment at 4.2 miles per kWh. When we tested the ID.3 First Edition Pro Power (and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars), we found the quoted range to be genuinely realistic in real-world conditions and driving normally rather than with a constant eye on the range counter.

As with other models in the range, charging can be undertaken at a maximum of 100kW DC, restoring 80 per cent capacity in just 35 minutes. A full charge using a 7.4kW AC wall box will deliver a full charge in nine hours.

More exciting ID.3 news on the horizon

Volkswagen is planning on further expanding the ID.3 range this year, with the main talking point being the addition of a Pure model with a smaller 45kWh battery. This will see a further drop in entry-level price, with our estimate being around £25,000, whilst retaining most of the technology and Volkswagen brand familiarity that makes the ID.3 such a compelling choice.

Watch this space for more information on ID.3 model range expansion.

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