Škoda launches iV electric mobility iV sub-brand with all-electric CITIGOe iV and SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid

Škoda has laid out its commitment to the burgeoning electromobility sector with the launch of its all-new iV sub-brand.

In what it is calling a new chapter in its 124-year history, the Czech manufacturer premièred two new iV cars – the CITIGOe iV and flagship Superb iV – at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Bratislava.

The launch of the iV sub-brand isn't just about the two new models presented to the public for the first time; it is a central pillar of Škoda's 2025 strategy which includes the investment of two billion euros in the development of both electric cars and other new mobility services – the brand's biggest investment project to date.

Bernhard Maier, Škoda Auto CEO, said: “The right time has now come for Škoda to enter the era of electromobility. We are now able to fulfil essential customer requirements: long ranges, quick charging and – particularly important for us here at Škoda – affordable prices. In addition to our successful petrol, diesel and CNG engines, the new drive systems will quickly become a relevant part of our range. We anticipate that they will make up around 25 per cent of total sales by 2025.” He added that, “With regards to e-mobility, we are also introducing the Škoda iV sub-brand. This will not only include all of our e-models, but will also create a holistic and connected ecosystem in order to make e-mobility as straightforward and convenient as possible for our customers.”

iV Sub-brand and ecosystem

As with the launch of any large-scale initiative, Škoda has been keen to point out the thinking and concept behind iV. Several keywords have made up the cornerstones of how Škoda wants the brand to be viewed, and how it has gone about developing it, including: Innovation, intelligence and inspirational. It also stresses that they want iV models to be iconic in design and character and individual to each person who buys one. The V simply stands for vehicle, which makes sense.

Perhaps more interesting is the ecosystem side of the iV sub-brand through which Škoda is hoping to create a connected system from a customer's home, and throughout Europe. Not dissimilar to the thinking behind Tesla's infrastructure, iV's ecosystem includes affordable wall boxes with different power outputs to facilitate home charging, online services via Škoda Connect to allow drivers to locate and reserve a charging station and the Škoda e-charge card so customers can pay for and use charging points throughout Europe regardless of country or provider.

This holistic way of thinking about the iV sub-brand and level of investment with its 2025 strategy demonstrates just how serious Škoda is taking electromobility.

Two new iV branded cars with more to come

Škoda's first iV models, unveiled in Bratislava, are the CITIGOe iV and Superb iV, but the brand is planning on having more than ten electrified iV family models on sale by the end of 2022. A key part of achieving this will be the introduction of the first two all-electric vehicles based on parent company Volkswagen Group's modular MEB platform in 2020, one of which will be the Vision iV which we recently featured on Discover EV.


While the name doesn't exactly flow off the tongue, the CITIGOe iV is a very important car for Škoda, being the first all-electric production vehicle in the brand's history. Available exclusively in five-door form (at the time of launch at any rate), the car is powered by an 82bhp motor that dishes up 155lb-ft of torque through the front wheels. This powers the CITIGOe iV to 62mph in 12.5 seconds and on to 82mph.

The claimed WLTP range of 165 miles from the 36.8kWh lithium-ion battery is perfectly respectable and moreover, usable, for a city car. Using a combined charging system (CCS) charging cable connected to a 40kW DC fast charger the CITIGOe gains 80 per cent of its charge back in just one hour (this is increased to four hours via a 7.2kW AC wall box or 12h 37min using a 2.3kW home charging station).

The CITIGOe iV will be available in two trim levels in the UK – SE and SE L – with CCS standard on the SE L variant but optional on the lowlier SE models. Looks-wise, the car is broadly like its conventionally-powered siblings with the main tell-tale that you're driving something a bit different only given away by a redesigned front-end. Interior-wise the car is again much the same except for a redesigned instrument panel.

SE trim will set you back £16,955 after the government's plug-in car grant and gets you climate control with air conditioning, DAB radio and central locking. The SE L version will cost £19,315 after the grant and is a significant step-up from the lowly SE including 16-inch alloys, ambient lighting, heated seats and parking sensors and body coloured mirrors and door handles. That all-important CCS is standard on the SE L. Order books open on the 19th December.

Škoda Superb iV

In another first for the brand, the Superb iV represents Škoda's introduction to the world of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Under the skin of the all-new flagship Superb and available in both hatchback and estate form, Škoda has combined a small but efficient 1.4-litre petrol TSI unit with an 114bhp (85kW) electric motor to give a total output of 215bhp. Thanks to a 13kWh battery, the Superb iV can be driven for just over 30 miles on electric power alone in E-mode and charged overnight using a standard plug socket (three hours, 30 minutes with a 3.6kW wall box). Two additional driving modes ensure all driving situations are catered for; SPORT mode utilises the car's maximum power output, 295lb-ft of torque and standard six-speed DSG gearbox to its full potential, while HYBRID mode regulates the petrol engine and electric motor to deliver the best efficiency and 40g/km emissions on the WLTP cycle.

Available in Ambition, Style, SPORTLINE and L&K trim levels, the Superb iV not only comes with the next-generation of Škoda infotainment, it also has iV-specific sub-items that help drivers monitor the hybrid drive system. The infotainment is also far better connected than previous iterations, with on-board Wi-Fi, real-time adaptable traffic and navigation updates, numerous apps and Apple CarPlay and Android Audio connectivity.

You can read up about the final release specs and prices of the Superb iV here. Since this story originally broke, Škoda has also launched the new Octavia iV, so check out what you can expect from it here.

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