Škoda has revamped its brand identity and plans to launch three new EVs starting in 2026

Škoda has been busy reworking its brand identity as part of its ‘Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030’. Comprising a complete revamp of the typeface, logo and corporate identity, it aims to keep the Czech brand up to date. More excitingly, Škoda has also launched a new EV concept and is aiming to launch three new electric cars from 2026.

The efforts Škoda has put into its brand revamp is to ensure that it is appropriate for ‘the electric and digital age’. Defined by clear, reduced lines which emphasise simplicity, alongside ditching sculpted 3D graphics such as the brand logo, the corporate identity will be rolled out from 2023 onwards.

At the same time, Škoda is developing a new design language for its forthcoming cars. Characteristics include a ‘Tech-Deck Face’ on the front-end, which can be seen in the images of the 7S concept (more on that below) and liberal use of sustainable materials on cars’ interiors. A new colour palette has also been created using two green hues – Emerald and Electric Green. These reflect the company’s renewed green credentials.

Martin Jahn, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing, said: “We see this as the perfect opportunity to make our brand fit for the decade of transformation and adjust its look and feel to the needs and expectations of our customers. Our new CI underlines the modern and distinctive design and clearly shows our digital‑first approach.”

Alongside its new identity, Škoda has unveiled a new electric concept. Called the 7S, it is – predictably – an SUV. It features the new brand design language, offering seating for up to seven as well as a ‘complete reconceptualization of the natural human-machine interaction’.

The Škoda 7S’s interior is symmetrical, meaning all passengers get the same sense of space. Aiding in this are two interior configurations – Driving and Relaxing. In Driving mode, the controls are located right where a driver would want them and the central 14.6 inch touchscreen is vertically oriented for ideal information stacking. When Relaxing mode is selected via a button on the centre console, the steering wheel and instrument cluster slides backwards away from the driver and front seat passenger to create extra space. First row seats rotate inwards and recline and the rearmost seats also recline. Finally, the central screen reorientates to landscape so passengers can see it.

It's very similar in concept to other EVs with ‘lounge’ style interiors. It also shares their questionable usefulness as we’re not certain too many people will spend time relaxing in their car… Either way, all of this, alongside an 8.8 inch instrument display and AR head-up display system and minimalist controls feeds into Škoda’s reimagination of human-machine interface. Plentiful use of sustainable materials made from things such as recycled tyres and polyester help minimise the car’s environmental impact at the build stage.

On the technical side, the Škoda 7S concept has an 89kWh battery and predicted range of over 370 miles, as well as charging at up to 200kW. The exterior shows off the Tech-Deck Face which is a modern reinterpretation of Škoda’s grille. Flatter and wider than previous styling iterations, dark glass conceals the vehicles sensors. A new T light cluster features at the front and rear of the car, whilst wheels of 22 inches in diameter have been designed for aero efficiency as well as visual appeal.

All of this feeds into an accelerated e-campaign which will see three new models released by 2026, helping Škoda achieve its goal of 70 per cent electric sales by 2030.


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