Volkswagen debuts affordable, practical ID.2all

Volkswagen has unveiled an all-new, all-electric model. Nattily called the VW ID.2all, the concept car brings everything you’d expect from a modern EV with one thing you wouldn’t: with a target price of under £22,000, it’s incredibly cheap.

The Volkswagen ID.2all is, sadly, just a concept for the moment, but a production model will be finalised in 2025 with that all-important aim of costing less than £22,000 (25,000 euros). If VW achieves this, then the ID.2all will be the car that many of us wished the ID.3 had been – a true game changer which actually pushes EVs into the realms of affordability for most households.

What’s more, the concept doesn’t skimp on technology or design, coming with many of the features that EV buyers have come to expect as well as a commodious interior. In addition, the projected powertrain endows it with both pace and range.

Exterior design

There’s something of the Golf about the ID.2all and that is a very deliberate ploy by VW, with the C-pillar shape being straight from the first Golf. The traditional hatch shape, too, is reminiscent of more recent Golf models – that is to say anything from the Mk5 onwards. To us, this is definitely not a bad thing.

VW talks a lot about strength, stance and incorporating hallmarks of its previous models in the ID.2all but to us, it’s simply the kind of car you’d look at and know immediately who built it. Dimensionally, the ID.2all is 4050mm long, 1812mm wide and 1530mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2600mm. This makes it slightly shorter, but wider than last year’s model Golf.

Friendliness and likeability are also things VW has considered in the car’s design. This presents itself with the car’s front end design, which also incorporates tech from models higher in VW’s catalogue such as the IQ.Light LED matrix headlights and 3D LED taillight clusters, which have a horizontal LED strip between them.

Interior design

Like the outside, VW is going for familiarity and high-end features on a lower end car. Clear design and self-explanatory operation are at the heart of proceedings, but there is tech, too.

There is a 12.9 inch touch display up front with optimised menu structures for key functions. Below this is a new, separate air conditioning panel which should be far easier and more intuitive to use than a touch-based system. Other little features, like an actual volume knob and phone chargers which are magnetically locked into position, should make life easy for owners. Finally, a 10.9 inch digital dashboard and head-up display bring further, contemporary features to the ID.2all.

Practicality-wise, the ID.2all has split folding rear seats (40:60). Standard boot space is 440 litres, rising to 1330 litres with the seats stowed. Beneath the rear seat is a further 50 litres of storage space, enabling things like cables and a first aid kit to be neatly stored within the car.


The Volkswagen ID.2all is based on the MEB platform, but unlike other models is front-wheel drive. It has a single motor developing 223bhp, meaning zero to 62mph will take around seven seconds before reaching a top speed of 100mph. VW hasn’t said what size the battery will be, but is targeting a range of 280 miles. Charging on DC can be achieved from 10 to 80 per cent in 20 minutes, whilst the on-board charger will run at 11kW AC.

Launch date

Volkswagen will present the production-ready version of the ID.2all in 2025, with cars hitting the road in 2026. At the same time, a compact electric SUV will also go on sale, whilst the brand is working on a small EV to be priced from £17,500.


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