Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid gains zero emissions capability as the second PHEV from the brand

Bentley is expanding the Flying Spur range with the launch of the Hybrid – a plug-in version of the British brand’s luxury four-door saloon. It follows the Bentayga Hybrid as the second PHEV from Bentley and promises around 25 miles of local zero emissions range as well as prodigious power.

The introduction of the Flying Spur Hybrid is a next step in the brand’s Beyond100 plan which will see it transition to plug-in powertrains – including PHEV and BEV – by 2026. It is also the first of two PHEVs promised from the brand this year. As with the Bentayga, Bentley is continuing its mission to offer the luxury experience it is famed for alongside zero emissions capability without compromise.

Powertrain and performance

Powering the Flying Spur Hybrid is essentially the same powertrain as can be found in the Bentayga Hybrid. Most of the power comes from the twin-turbo 2.9-litre petrol V6, good for 410bhp and 406lb-ft and a higher specific output than the brand’s V8. Alongside this, a 134bhp, 295lb-ft electric motor joins in the fun to bring the total system power up to 536bhp and 553lb-ft – almost 100bhp up on the Bentayga.

As a result, the Flying Spur is quick, taking just 4.1 seconds to hit 60mph and capable of running all the way up to 177mph. Despite this, the PHEV system’s 14.1kWh battery (3.2kWh down on the Bentayga) enables the luxury saloon to travel around 25 miles on electric power alone. Official emissions figures and economy are pending.

Bentley has given the Flying Spur Hybrid three distinct driving modes which enable drivers to maximise the car’s efficiency depending on their journey. EV Drive is standard when the car is turned on and can be selected for local travel. Hybrid blends the two power sources for maximum efficiency and works with the car’s navigation to switch to EV Drive when close to a destination. Hold maintains a certain state of charge and is used when the car is in Sport mode to ensure there’s always energy available.

Design features

The Flying Spur Hybrid doesn’t need too many introductions when it comes to design, being externally almost indistinguishable from the conventionally powered versions. It’s big, at 5316mm long, 1987mm wide and 1484mm tall. The imposing grille, low roofline and wide, muscular haunches housing up to 21 inch wheels make it every inch the luxury, powerful saloon. You’d have to be eagle-eyed to spot the ‘Hybrid’ badges and charging port on the nearside rear of the car that tell it apart from other variants.

Inside, things are equally opulent with five different leather colours to choose from as standard and a further ten optional, as well as Bentley’s ‘wing’ theme across the lower console and fascia. It’s not all wingbacks and mock Tudor, though; there’s a high level of connectivity thanks to an embedded SIM which deals with connected services, as well as a dedicated smartphone app.

Through the app, owners can control things like the cabin temperature before they get in, unlock or lock their car remotely, locate it and look at statistics like state of charge and trip information.

Price and availability

Deliveries of the Flying Spur Hybrid will begin later this year, with prices estimated to start from around £145,000. This would make it cheaper than the V8 and for many, the pick of the range.

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