Electric bike and EV component makers team up on e-mobility

Two Spanish companies – electric bike specialist, Lobito, and EV component supplier, QEV Technologies – have teamed up to develop a range of electronic personal mobility solutions and even a fully customisable electric car.

Among the vehicles that the partnership is aiming to innovate are an electric trials/off-road motorbike, an electric scooter and a “baby roadster” beach car. These will sit alongside the range of electric bicycles and even electric surfboards that Lobito currently makes, and continues to develop.

QEV's part in the deal is in utilising its expertise as a component manufacturer and innovator. At present, QEV Technologies supplies predominantly to motorsport as well as for the coming wave of low-volume, on-road EV supercars. Notably, QEV Tech has supplied for the Hispano Suiza Carmen – a 1019bhp, £1 million plus supercar which is designed to resurrect the fortunes of the classic Spanish car and motorcycle manufacturer. The company also has a significant presence in Formula E and, with its “Race to Road” development doctrine, aims to take lessons learned on the track and apply them to road-going EVs.

Pursuing affordable lifestyle e-mobility solutions is the ultimate aim of the partnership and the electric scooters, trials bikes and even the so-called beach car will be targeted as such.

“Our philosophy is always the same: to produce and market exclusive products in design and technology of electric mobility related to leisure, to enjoy life in an intense way,” said Daniel Oliver Bultó, founder of Lobito. “QEV Tech is the best partner we can have in Lobito. Together with them, all the necessary technical developments will be carried out, while serial production will continue in the factories of our Asian partners. Thanks to this agreement we will have products with really competitive prices.”

The partner brands face stiff competition from other, better-established manufacturers of e-mobility solutions, however. Among their main rivals will be carmakers such as Volkswagen and Audi – both of which have developed e-scooters as 'final mile' commuting solutions. Toyota recently showed off the electric vehicles it is providing to the Tokyo Olympics, and these included both standing and sitting scooter-style vehicles to be used in and around the stadiums. Ninebot Segway is also pioneering technology that looks not only to provide personal e-mobility, but also to automate it in time.

The Spanish duo remain upbeat about what they have planned for the future, though. Miguel Valldecabres, CEO of QEV Tech, said: “We are very excited about this project. Through the Lobito brand we will use all our technical and innovation capacity to develop a series of exclusive electric mobility products. We are sure that they will have a great acceptance in the market. We have a winning team in every way! The path is really ambitious, and we are looking forward to the way there together.”

There's no official word on when any products will be released, but you can check out Lobito's existing range of e-bikes, scooters and aqua equipment on its website.

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