Lunaz adds original Range Rover to its other classic EV conversions

If driving around like your hair's on fire isn't your thing, purveyors of ground-up resto-modded EVs, Lunaz, will soon be selling an electric Range Rover Classic. Following on from the company's other classic conversions, including the Jaguar XK120 and Rolls-Royce Phantom V and Cloud, it has turned its hand to perhaps the most recognisable classic British 4x4.

It's the first outing for the company's powertrain in four-wheel drive form, that is, if you opt for the 90kWh version which comes with a motor on each axle and a 250 mile range shouldn’t be out of the question. A 60kWh, rear-wheel drive version is also available. Lunaz will create an initial run of 50 built between 1970 and 1994, and offered in both ‘Town’ and ‘Country’ specification. The former of these cars will focus on rear-seat and driver comfort, and available in both standard and long wheelbase, while the latter will include a full suite of engineering, technological and design features. Fully roofless options will be offered, too and the world’s first electric drop top SUV has already been allocated to a European customer.

Away from the standardised powertrain, Lunaz is employing its usual rigorous ground-up restoration techniques. Donor cars are rebuilt in such a way that components are essentially made-to-measure. In short, each is unique. They can also be fully customised to specification, and thanks to a bit of chassis work, the chances are the Range Rover Classic from Lunaz will drive better than the original.


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