Next-gen Hyundai Kona revealed with EV-led design

Hyundai has unveiled the next-generation Kona – its ever-popular small SUV which has been available as an EV since 2018. Whilst the new version of the Kona will come with ICE and hybrid powertrains, it has been designed as ‘EV-led’ with the other powertrains taking less precedence.

Hyundai is calling the new Kona an ‘upscaled’ model, which essentially means that it’s larger than the previous version. Some of this will be down to the EV-led nature of the design, enabling more floorspace for battery cells.

Whilst the Korean brand is still calling it ‘urban-centric’, it’s going to be less sensible in towns than the previous version thanks to its expanded size measuring 4355mm long (+150mm), 25mm wider and gaining an all-important 60mm in the wheelbase. The latter will help provide maximum (so-called) ‘living space’ for driver and passengers.

Previous versions of the Kona have been designed based on internal combustion first. With this new variant, Hyundai used an EV-led methodology, with a battery and electric motor being the primary concern, then adapting the design for ICE and hybrid models, as well as a sporty N Line model.

Like many other brands, Hyundai has incorporated a full width light on the front of the new Kona, which it calls the Seamless Horizon Lamp. On EV versions, this is pixelated, making it the first model with this lighting arrangement in the Hyundai stable. Parametric Pixels are also used in headlamp lighting as with the brand’s IONIQ cars – albeit this is likely to be a cost option.

The Seamless Horizon Lamp is repeated at the rear of the car, whilst down the sides, parametric shapes and strong wheel arches reinforce the ruggedness people like in SUV designs – even ‘urban centric’ ones. Pixel graphics are repeated on the intake grille and rear bumper, as well as in the design of the 19 inch wheels.

Inside, the EV-derived architecture brings with it a floating horizontal C-pad to make the most of the car’s wide interior and providing a versatile space up front. Dual 12.3 inch displays cater for the driving information and infotainment.

Hyundai is promising more information on the new Kona in due course, so hopefully we’ll get an idea of how the powertrain shapes up compared with both the outgoing car, and IONIQ models. The release date set for early 2023.



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