Lexus releases new pictures of its electric sports car which could replace the LFA

Lexus has released new images of its next-generation battery electric sports car. First seen among the 30 EVs showcased at Toyota’s big EV announcement in December last year, Lexus has filled in some of the blanks in terms of specification and design.

Lexus states that its new sports car will be among the models launched before 2030, playing its part in making Lexus an EV-only brand by that time in Europe, North America and China. During the announcement about Lexus’s EV future, Akio Toyoda, boss of parent brand Toyota, highlighted the sports car as a halo model in Lexus’s range.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the new images released of the new sports car is the fact that Lexus states it will “symbolise the future of the Lexus brand while also reviving the spirit of the iconic LFA”.

For those who don’t know, the Lexus LFA was a 4.8-litre V10-powered supercar which first hit the road in 2010. The high-revving V10 produced 552bhp and gained notoriety for its visceral noise and swelling power as it climbed to a frankly ludicrous 9400rpm red line. Whilst there were faster and more dynamically adept cars available in 2010, the LFA has cemented its place in supercar folklore.

An electric replacement is therefore a very exciting prospect and it would seem that Lexus isn’t messing about. It states that the electric car will hit 62mph in “the low two-second range” and the cruising distance “will exceed 430 miles thanks to the possible use of solid-state batteries”.

To put that into perspective, the electric car will have a longer range than the ICE version. What’s more, solid-state batteries should help reduce weight and improve the dynamic performance of the car.

In terms of looks, the low-slung, front-engine/rear-drive appearance harks back to the LFA. Numerous aerodynamic details, such as pronounced front air intakes, side air channels and a rear diffuser – alongside what looks like front and rear aprons hinting at a downforce-friendly flat floor – suggest both slipperiness and grip.

Sadly, we can only surmise so much from what Lexus has fed us. Until the brand drops some more information, we’ll have to be content with the fact that the LFA replacement will be an EV.

In the meantime, we are expecting Lexus to launch a new mid-sized electric SUV based on the Toyota BZ4x, taking the RZ nomenclature. This is due this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.



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