SEAT’s only EV has been cancelled after just one year in production

SEAT’s small EV, the Mii Electric, has been taken out of production just a year after it first hit the road in the UK. Not only was it SEAT’s only EV, the Mii Electric replaced all internal combustion versions of the car, seeming to signal a change of tack for the Spanish brand, but now the brand is selling out its final stock.

According to the Press Association, SEAT put the ending of production down to “high demand”, which sounds counterintuitive. However, whilst this soundbite is being widely reported, the truth is that the Mii was always set to go out of production at the end of 2021 so it’s not a huge shock to see the brand pull it forward by a few months and concentrate on shifting stock.

That’s not to say it isn’t a shame, however. The Mii electric had an awful lot going for it with plenty of standard kit and a torquey little 82bhp motor shirting the little EV along at a decent enough pace to be a hoot in town.

A 32.3kWh battery also gave a range of 160 miles which was better than both the MINI Electric and Honda e, and some larger rivals like the Mazda MX-30. It was cheap as electric cars go, too, coming in at a fair chunk under £20,000.

We liked it so much that we gave it four out of five stars.

Now that the Mii Electric it has gone the same way as the Škoda CITIGOe IV, only the Volkswagen e-Up! remains on sale from the original, jointly developed trio of city cars. But this does mean that with SEAT now getting rid of the remaining stock, there could be some very good deals to be had on the Mii Electric.

For now, this leaves SEAT without a battery electric vehicle in its ranks – a space that won’t be filled until 2025 when an ‘urban electric vehicle’ will be on the road. You can read more about SEAT’s plans, announced at its Future Fast Forward event back in March, here.

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