Vauxhall Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Electric will hit the road next year

Following the launch of the PHEV versions of both the Astra hatch and Astra Sports Tourer, Vauxhall is launching all-electric versions of both cars in 2023. This will bring Vauxhall’s EV range up to six cars as well as marking it out as one of the few companies to offer an electric estate.

The duo of Astra Electrics are part of Vauxhall’s push to become an EV only brand by 2028, offering electrified versions of its entire range by 2024 as part of the transition. Adding a fully electric Astra hatch and Sports Tourer sooner rather than later is a sound plan given the model’s high-volume sales both in the UK and more widely in Europe.

Both cars are based on Stellantis Group’s EMP2 platform which is the mainstay of the group’s electrification programme. In fact, Vauxhall is playing second fiddle to Peugeot in this regard, as it announced fully electric versions of the 308 and 308 SW back in September. That said, both brand’s cars will share an awful lot, especially with regards powertrain.

Powertrain and performance

If you’ve read our Peugeot e-308 story, you’re going to be familiar with what makes the Astra Electric move. Both the Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric have a common powertrain comprising a 153bhp/199lb-ft motor and 54kWh battery. The motor enables the car to reach 105mph in Sport mode. Eco and Normal modes are also available and modulate available power to help eke out more range.

On the official cycle, the Astra Electric can do 258 miles to a charge, achieving nearly 5kWh per 62 miles. Charging the 102 battery cells to 80 per cent takes as little as 30 minutes at a maximum of 100kW DC. For domestic charging, an 11kW AC charger is fitted as standard.

Exterior design

If you’ve seen the PHEV or ICE versions of the new Astra, the Astra Electric is going to look very familiar. To all intents and purposes, it’s the same with the brand’s Vizor front end which houses sensors for driving aids, the new logo and IntelliLux LED pixel headlights. All variants of the Astra Electric come with 18 inch alloys as standard, which can be specified in black.

At the rear it is again business as usual, with a high-level spoiler on both cars helping to smooth airflow. The main giveaway that these are EVs is the lack of tailpipes.

Interior design and tech

Like with the outside of the car, the interior is largely the same as the PHEV and ICE variants of the Astra. Thanks to clever packaging of the car’s 17 battery modules, interior space is exactly the same as the PHEV versions of the car, meaning that the Sports Tourer Electric has 516 litres of luggage space with the rear seats in place and 1553 litres with them folded.

Central to the car’s interior is the Pure Panel display system which combines a 10 inch central display and a 10 inch digital instrument cluster. These displays have been tweaked for the EV powertrain, showing charge status or range, as well as offering the most important controls such as climate control on the home screen.

A large Intelli-HUD head-up display and ‘Hey Vauxhall’ voice recognition helps drivers keep their eyes on the road and operate in-car systems without having to use the touchscreen. As standard, the cars get front collision warning with auto emergency braking, active lane keep assist, drowsiness detection as well as rear cross alert. For added comfort while on the move, the cars feature ergonomic Active Sports seats, providing both support and comfort for occupants.

Price and availability

Prices for the Vauxhall Astra Electric and Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Electric are yet to be confirmed, but we expect them to be revealed soon. Orders for the hatch will open in early 2023 and deliveries are expected to commence in June 2023. Orders for the Sports Tourer will open in the summer and deliveries will start later in 2023. 

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