Vauxhall Mokka Electric gets more range and power in model update

Vauxhall has applied its new electric powertrain to the Mokka Electric, replacing the previous version across all spec levels. Upping battery capacity and motor power, it enables the small SUV to travel further and go slightly faster than the previous model. 

Stellantis, which owns Vauxhall, is applying the new powertrain to all of the relevant EVs within its brand portfolio bit-by-bit. Now it’s the Mokka Electric’s turn, two years after it became the first Vauxhall to be available as an EV from launch (known then as Mokka-e).

This means that out goes the old 50kWh battery and in comes a 54kWh unit. This increases the Mokka Electric’s range by 20 per cent on the WLTP test, lifting it from 201 miles to 252 miles. It’s not just the size difference which contributes to the range increase; cell efficiency has been improved meaning the Mokka takes just 15.2kWh of energy to travel 62 miles.

Despite the additional kilowatts on board, there’s no difference in interior or luggage space, thanks to some clever packaging. It’ll also support 100kW rapid charging, meaning that zero to 80 per cent state of charge can be achieved in 30 minutes. As standard, the car comes with an 11kW AC charger.

As well as upping battery capacity, a new motor adds 20 more horsepower between the Mokka’s front wheels, taking the total to 154bhp and maintaining the 192lb-ft previously available. This enables the car to hit 62mph in under ten seconds and continue on to a limited top speed of 93mph.

Orders for the Vauxhall Mokka Electric with the new powertrain open in March 2023 with deliveries beginning shortly afterwards.


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