European specs and prices for VW's seminal EV confirmed as UK customers can pre-order on July 22

It feels like a long time coming, but the Volkswagen ID.3 has made another tantalising step towards hitting the roads. VW has confirmed the specifications for its domestic market in Germany, and other European countries, providing us with a pretty clear idea of what will be offered in the UK.

For all the benefits of being an island nation with the quirk of driving on the left, it does mean that we are having to wait a little bit longer for what could turn out to be the most important EV to be launched for several years. Over in mainland Europe the Volkswagen ID.3 in regular trim levels is being made available to order on July 20, however we'll have to wait until the 22nd before we even get to pre-order the ID.3 1st Edition.

Over in native Germany, the 1st Edition has already proved hugely popular with Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, saying: “We are overwhelmed by the loyalty shown by so many pre-bookers. A large majority of these customers have already ordered their 1st from dealers. Other customers, who have had to wait for the start of production sales, will now be able to order.”

Whilst we could moan about the injustice of having to wait, we're better off actually looking at the specs of the car that our friends across the Channel are getting for a preview of what we can expect over here.

Seven pre-configured model levels

At launch, the ID.3 will only be available with two battery sizes. Six of the trim levels – Life, Style, Business, Family, Tech and Max – will get the 58kWh system which is good for 260 miles with the 201bhp Performance rear-wheel drive system, whilst the seventh – Tour – will gain the larger 77kWh battery which provides a range of up to 341 miles.

At its most basic level, the ID.3 ProPerformance without any options starts at £32,364 (before subsidies). The seven pre-configured models simply make it easy for customers to choose from an obvious hierarchy with varying levels of tech and equipment to boot.

At the bottom end of the range, the ID.3 ‘Life’ is going on sale for £34,378 and is intended as an economical entry-level product without sacrificing comfort. A comfort package includes steering wheel heating, seat heating and two additional USB-C ports.

Next up is the ‘Style’ model for £37,251 with the major design package including matrix LED headlamps, LED tail lights with dynamic swiping function, and panoramic glass roof.

What VW is calling an 'all-rounder' is the ID.3 “'Business’” with the small design package including matrix LED headlamps and tinted windows, comfort package and assistant package with rear-view camera and keyless access for £37,561.

The ID.3 ’Family’” plays on the ID.3's clever packaging to offer light and convenience with the major design package including matrix LED headlamps and large panoramic glass roof to make it feel more spacious. It gets the major comfort package with two-zone ‘Air Care’ air conditioning and the same assistant package as the ’Business’ spec car. The ID.3 ‘Family’ comes in at £42,306.

For those after an ID.3 with more toys and a higher level of autonomous driving capability, the ID.3 ‘Tech’ should fit the bill. It gets augmented and assisted driving with a major design package including matrix LED headlamps, major assistant package with Travel Assist, Side Assist and Emergency Assist as well as the major infotainment package including Head-up Display and Premium Sound package. It will go on sale at £40,766.

The ID.3 ‘Max’ offers a maximum of design, technology, sport and comfort, with all the equipment packages, an electric 12-way massage seat, progressive steering and DCC (Dynamic Cruise Control) on board. It comes in slightly cheaper than the ‘Tech’ at £39,739.

77kWh battery option

If you want the larger battery with that 341 mile range the ID.3 ProS model starts at £37,242 before any boxes are ticked. However, VW has spec'd up the ID.3 in ‘Tour’ trim level. Costing £41,774 it comes with features which VW reckons will be most useful on the longer journeys it envisions buyers will be undertaking. These include the head-up display and Sound package, matrix LED headlamps, comfort package, 12-way massage seat and assistant package with all driver assistance systems. On the outside, 19 inch alloy wheels complete the look.

UK specs TBC

Whilst the above spec levels and prices are unlikely to change too much for the UK market, it's wise to consider them as indicative rather than absolute. There are always slight differences between markets, plus where price is concerned, the plug-in car grant will need to be factored it – not to mention any uplifts in cost associated with leaving the EU.

We will, of course, update you as soon as we know!

In the meantime, come July 22 UK customers will be able to pre-order the ID.3 1st by stumping up a £750 deposit. We know that VW has already produced a large number of ID.3s so we expect that as soon as it is available to hit the road, a large number will do so in a short space of time.

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