Hyundai IONIQ 5 gets more than 5kWh increase in battery capacity

Hyundai is updating its 2023 model year IONIQ 5 to include a new, larger battery. Currently, the largest battery available is a 72.6kWh unit, but with the update will come a 77.4kWh battery as well as some updates to the car’s on-board tech.

Hyundai only launched its already very popular ‘CUV’ – the IONIQ 5 – a year ago, but already it is gaining an upgrade to the battery. In its current form, the car can be had with either a 58kWh unit and rear-wheel drive powertrain, or a 72.6kWh battery and either two or four-wheel drive powertrains.

None are exactly lacking in range, with the 58kWh battery offering up to 238 miles or the larger battery knocking on the door of 300 miles.

Despite this, Hyundai has sought fit to increase the battery capacity of the larger unit, adding just under 5kWh to bring the total to 77.4kWh. Unfortunately, the Korean brand is yet to reveal what this means for range as it hasn’t yet been homologated, but with a conservative real-world estimate of three miles per kWh, that would add 15 miles to the range.

That’s a welcome increase which should put the IONIQ 5 firmly into the 300-mile club.

In terms of updated tech, the MY 2023 cars will be available with digital video mirrors for the first time in Europe, including both a digital interior mirror and side mirrors. Hyundai says this will offer an unobstructed, panoramic view behind the car and it’s tech that is tried and tested in Korea, where it is already an option.

Helping to make the most of the new battery is a new battery conditioning feature which enables the IONIQ 5 to adapt its battery temperature to ambient conditions. This will ensure that the battery is in an optimal condition for charging when it reaches a destination, improving charging performance regardless of local temperature. It is activated when a charging location is entered into the IONIQ 5’s navigation.

Finally, smart frequency dampers are being implemented on the car’s rear axle to improve ride comfort, body control and overall handling.

Fortunately, anyone wishing to buy a more cost-effective IONIQ 5 with the 58kWh battery will still be able to do so when the new car is introduced. Hyundai hasn’t said when it will arrive, but we suspect we’ll get details in good time before orders start being taken for the September plate change.

Update 22.04.22: Hyundai has now homologated the IONIQ 5 with the new 77.4kWh battery, confirming its WLTP range to be 315 miles with the rear-wheel drive powertrain. In addition, the higher powered all-wheel drive models have received a power uplift of just over 18bhp to 320bhp. 

The IONIQ 5 range has also undergone an overhaul, with the base spec 58kWh SE Connect model now costing from £39,400 on the road. You can also get the 58kWh battery in a Premium spec car for £41,900. 

If you want the new, larger battery, you're looking at £45,400 for the Premium RWD spec car (£48,900 for the AWD). Up from there are the Ultimate spec cars in RWD and AWD form at £48,400 and £51,900 respectively, and finally the Namsan Edition which comes with an array of tech options for £52,900 (RWD) or £56,500 (AWD). 


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