EV Emissions

Whilst EVs produce no tail pipe emissions and less brake dust pollutants (due to regenerative braking), they still produce emissions when looking at whole of life. Unless you are charging your car solely from your own solar panels (and even then there are emissions connected in their manufacturing) the power you are putting into your car will not doubt have emissions connected to it.

Thankfully numerous studies have shown that even with a grid fuelled entirely by fossil fuels, EVs will still produce less life time emissions after the first couple of years, and with a grid powered at least by some renewables this figure decreases quickly. At the time or writing (a fairly gloomy and still October morning) the UKs power demands are met by nearly 50% renewables and a further 25% by Nuclear.

Although there is more to do this makes for a much cleaner grid than in recent times, which in the UK at least makes for much fewer EV emissions. If manufacturers can get on top of end of life recycling and we as a nation can keep the pressure on power companies by buying renewable tariffs this is only going to reduce further.