Further details of Honda e electric city car released

Honda has broken cover with details of its new e Platform upon which it will base its new generation of small city cars, starting off with the Honda E which made its debut in near-production form at the Geneva Motor Show back in March.

Everyday usability

The e Platform's design and stats show that Honda has put everyday usability at the forefront of the design process. Everything about it is logical – from the 125 miles range through to the platform layout which offers 50:50 weight distribution and a centre of gravity that sits at just 50cm above the road.

That 125 mile range is delivered thanks to a water-cooled 35.5kWh battery which is located within the wheelbase. This has enabled Honda to minimise front and rear overhangs – advantageous in tight urban settings and enabling a turning circle of just 4.3 metres. Power is delivered to the rear wheels which, when combined with that perfect weight distribution and low centre of gravity, should offer an engaging experience behind the wheel. Honda has also plumped for all-round independent suspension, elements of which are made from forged alloy, therefore reducing unsprung weight and further aiding the e's dynamics.

Whilst its contemporaries such as the Renault ZOE, Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e pack between 110bhp and 135bhp, Honda has endowed the e with a 148bhp, 221lb-ft electric motor. This should enable the Honda e to hit 62mph from a standstill in less than eight seconds.

Flexible charging

The Honda e can be charged by either a Type 2 AC connector or a combined charging system (CCS2) DC rapid charger. The latter of these promises 80 per cent charge from empty in just 30 minutes, but given its 125 mile maximum range and an average commuting journey of less than 30 miles in the UK, the e Platform should meet most commuters' needs with overnight charging alone.

Honda's focus on utility and user-friendliness continues with the charging port which is located centrally on the bonnet – ideal for cross-market use – while an LED charging indicator shows the battery's status 'at-a-glance'.

Price and availability

Honda continues to be coy about the price of the e, but it is pinning its hopes on it being a success nonetheless and a vanguard of its push towards 100 per cent of its European sales being electric by 2025. In the UK Honda is reporting that 9000 people have expressed an interest with over 30,000 doing so across Europe.

Expect more details soon and for the Honda e, based on the e Platform, to hit the road in late 2019.

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